Disruption – Glynn Young

Perhaps … the Sabbath is mean to be—a disruption.  Perhaps God deliberately inserted a day meant for rest—rest—because he had to make it sacred for him if we were to observe it as a day of rest for us.  We need a day of rest for our physical and emotional well-being … We need a day of rest for our spiritual well-being, a time to reflect, pray, fast, and talk with God and with our families about God.  We need a day of rest to instruct and encourage one another….  We need a day of rest to welcome God’s blessing for ourselves, for our churches, for our communities, and for our nations.  We need a day of rest to define ourselves as the people of God … Observing the Sabbath would mean upset and disruption. But that is what God intended it to be – a disruption of those hectic, crazy schedules.
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